AppMaster No-Code Platform Updates | February 2024

3 min readMar 7, 2024


Every month, we work to improve AppMaster, and this February, we’ve packed it with new features to make app creation even easier and more secure.

Let’s explore what’s new and how it can transform your app-building process!

Multi-Domain Deployment

You can now assign multiple custom domains within a single deployment plan. This enhancement allows for seamless configuration of various web or backend applications to operate under different domains.

Tailoring your project’s digital footprint just got easier, as this functionality opens up new possibilities for organizing and differentiating the components of your app suite, giving each piece its own distinct domain space.

Auth Module Updates

We’re also excited to announce a significant update to the Auth module for generated backend applications on AppMaster. Here are the key improvements:

  • New Business Process Blocks: The update introduces blocks for streamlined workflows, including registration, user authentication, password resets, and recovery.
  • Enhanced Security Tokens: We’ve bolstered the generation of confirmation and recovery tokens with new blocks designed to guard against brute force attacks.
  • Probe Block: An addition that allows for the checking of user credentials without the need to create a session.
  • Session Management Upgrade: Introducing ‘Get Current Session’ for more in-depth session control alongside the existing ‘Get Current User’ block.
  • Passkey (FIDO2) Integration: We’ve expanded our support to include blocks for working with Passkey, enhancing security with industry-standard protocols.
  • Advanced Session Signatures: Now supporting ECDSA signatures for server requests and optional hashing of request bodies to further secure communications.

These updates enrich the Auth module, providing you with a more secure, efficient, and modern backend authentication system.

Enhanced File Configuration

With the latest updates, we’ve introduced new capabilities for managing essential files that play a pivotal role in your app’s deployment strategy.

You can now directly configure files such as `robots.txt`, `assetlinks.json`, and `apple-app-site-association` within your deployment plan. These configurations are particularly crucial for those looking to implement deep linking strategies, as the `assetlinks.json` and `apple-app-site-association` files are key to setting up deep links that allow users to navigate to specific areas within your mobile application.

This nuanced control over important web and app files furthers our commitment to providing a comprehensive no-code platform that addresses the intricate details of app deployment and user engagement.

iOS Updates

In February, we also introduced some new features for iOS developers to enhance their app-building experience.

  • Added support for Geo types allows users to seamlessly integrate location-based functionality into their apps.
  • The introduction of Unicode blocks offers increased flexibility in text manipulation, empowering developers to customize text-based elements easily.
  • The addition of blocks for compression, resizing, converting, and cropping images streamlines the process of managing visual content within applications.
  • Stripe support has been added, enabling developers to effortlessly integrate secure payment processing functionalities into their iOS applications.

These updates enrich the iOS development experience for our users and pave the way for more dynamic and interactive app creations.

Android Updates

We’re also thrilled to introduce several new features for Android development, enabling the creation of more sophisticated and secure applications:

  • Added blocks for working with trigonometric functions, such as Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcTan2, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, ArcSinH, ArcCosH, ArcTanH, Hypotenuse, RadToDeg, DegToRad, Secant, Cosecant, Cotangent, Versine.
  • Added Update Model Field block.
  • Added support for Geo types.
  • Added blocks for working with cryptography such as HMAC Sign, HMAC Verify, RSA Sign, RSA Verify, ECDSA Sign, ECDSA Verify, EdDSA Sign, EdDSA Verify, RSA-PSS Sign, RSA-PSS Verify, HMAC Generate key, AES Generate key, RSA Generate key, ECDSA Generate key, ECDH Generate key, EdDSA Generate key, PBKDF2 Derive AES key, PBKDF2 Derive HMAC key, ECDH Derive AES key, AES Encrypt, AES Decrypt, RSA Encrypt, RSA Decrypt, RSA-OAEP Encrypt, RSA-OAEP Decrypt.
  • Support for several application generation modes has been implemented: Versioned, Server-Driven, Static.

With each enhancement, we’re making AppMaster even more user-friendly and secure, so you can effortlessly turn your ideas into fully functional apps. Stay tuned for further updates!




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