AppMaster No-Code Platform Latest Updates | November 2023

5 min readDec 11, 2023


AppMaster’s November updates are here! We’re excited to roll out some new features and improvements that will make app creation on our platform even smoother.

Check out what we’ve got in store for you this month!

Blocks of Trigonometric Functions

In November, we unveiled a new feature that will excite developers: trigonometric function blocks. These blocks are now available for web and backend development within the AppMaster platform. This update is particularly noteworthy because trigonometric functions have been integrated to correspond directly with the native operations of two widely used programming languages, Go and JavaScript.

This integration means that when you use these blocks in your applications, they operate with an impressive speed — similar to what you’d expect if you had a traditional coding way.


This sophisticated mechanism allows backend applications to automatically receive their required configurations from a central management server. Implementing this feature is especially beneficial for cloud-hosted applications, as it streamlines container management, reducing the complexity and enhancing the efficiency of maintaining cloud-based applications.

For those who prefer the on-premise approach (running applications on private servers) this feature is just as valuable. It enhances flexibility and control and also reduces the complexity of managing configurations across various environments.

Whether you’re operating in the cloud or maintaining your own servers, autoprovisioning is a practical update that aims to bring faster, simpler, and more stable management to your backend applications.

S3-compatible Storage

We’ve also enhanced the capabilities of backend applications by introducing full support for S3-compatible storage systems, including AWS S3, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Minio, and more. This update aims to improve file hosting, with all new applications on the platform set to use the dependable S3 storage by default.

Transitioning to S3 storage isn’t just about keeping up with the latest technology — it’s a protective measure. In the case of a global server crash, the resilience of S3 storage means that important application data would remain unscathed, a vital consideration for any business with a digital presence.

The update isn’t just future-focused, we’re also ensuring existing applications benefit from this update. Shortly, we’ll start moving older applications to S3 storage in a careful and controlled way to keep your files safe and easily accessible.

Flexibility remains a priority, too — developers hosting applications on their own servers still can choose between S3 storage and conventional file system storage, aligning with individual needs and preferences.

Mobile App Modules

A new approach to installing modules. We have moved away from installing modules for the entire project in favor of installing a module in a specific application.

Moreover, we’ve added a new maps module for Android and iOS, utilizing the capabilities of Google Maps. This module gives developers straightforward tools to embed maps into their apps, providing users with location tracking, route navigation, and map exploration features. This enhancement simplifies developing apps that require geographic functionalities, especially for developers aiming to create delivery services, travel guides, or location-based social networks.

In addition, to enhance user access and security in mobile app development, we have introduced new authorization modules that include popular services such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. With this update, apps built on AppMaster now offer a more polished and professional user-access experience.

New iOS Features

We’re also excited to present the new features that greatly enhance the iOS app development process:

  • Effortless App Store Publishing: AppMaster now simplifies the challenging process of app deployment and helps developers publish their products on the App Store.
  • Launch Screen: We’ve added a launch screen to the generated application — when the app starts, the user will see a screen showing its name and logo.

With these new iOS features, we enrich your app development journey, making it simpler and more effective to bring your innovative ideas to life.

STF Mode for iOS

Another significant update is Single Threaded Function (STF mode) for iOS, offering developers a more streamlined way to run business processes. STF mode provides a simpler approach for developers to handle business processes by executing them sequentially in a single thread. This ensures that each task is carried out smoothly without complications from doing too many things simultaneously.

You can set this feature for the entire business process, not just for individual parts. This means developers can easily manage complex functions and maintain a clean, orderly flow of operations. Ideal for tasks that require a specific sequence or those that demand precision to prevent mistakes, STF mode is another example of how AppMaster is making app development more reliable and straightforward for iOS developers.

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates — we’re constantly enhancing our platform to support your app creation journey!




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