AppMaster No-Code Platform Latest Updates | December 2023

3 min readJan 16, 2024


The latest AppMaster updates have arrived! In December, we focused on making your app development process on our no-code platform even more efficient.

Let’s find out what’s new on AppMaster!

Passkey for AppMaster Studio

One significant update is that AppMaster Studio now offers an additional secure login option by implementing Passkey. This new feature allows users to swiftly access the studio with security, that aligns with the latest authentication standards for convenience and protection.

The update shows our commitment to providing a safe and user-friendly experience for all AppMaster platform users.

Improved Launch Reports

We’ve also made some substantial backend development enhancements that will definitely optimize your workflows and enhance your application’s performance.

In our latest update, we optimized the launch reports for backend application startups. AppMaster users will now notice a reduction in average startup time by 3–4 seconds, and further studio optimization will reduce it by about another 3 seconds.

This increase in startup efficiency leads to quicker publishing and, as a result, a more agile environment for testing application updates. All in all, the feature allows developers to iterate and improve their projects easily.

New Block for Backend Applications

The DB: Create Bulk block is now available in the Business Process Designer for backend applications. This new feature allows you to simultaneously add several records from an array of models without using loops.

Using the DB: Create Bulk block will significantly speed up the creation of a large number of records, which will have a positive impact on the performance of your application.

iOS Updates

AppMaster’s December iOS updates were all about improving speed and broadening functionality:

  • UI Elements Rendering Speed: We’ve accelerated the rendering speed for UI elements to enhance the responsiveness of your iOS applications.
  • Mapbox Module: The new Mapbox module was added, so you can incorporate Mapbox geolocation and maps into your mobile apps.
  • Trigonometry Blocks: Now, AppMaster users can expand their app’s capabilities with new trigonometry blocks for more sophisticated mathematical operations.
  • Cryptography Blocks: We’ve also added new blocks to facilitate the implementation of cryptographic functions, ensuring better security for app data.
  • Navigation Rework: Our team has conducted a comprehensive rework of the navigation system, and now it ensures proper functioning of all cases with ‘use_container’, ‘add’, and more.

Stay tuned for further updates! We’ll continue working on our platform so your app development can be easier and even more effective.




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