AppMaster 2023 Recap

2 min readDec 29, 2023


It’s been a big year for AppMaster!

Our team wishes you a Happy New Year! We’d like to share with you our achievements from the past year and our plans for 2024.


✅ Launched a completely new web application designer with significantly improved performance and security
✅ A direct DBMS editor has been released — now you can edit records in the database without creating the corresponding logic or business processes
✅ Added more than 500 new business process blocks, including the ability to directly execute SQL queries and JavaScript code and work with JSON and Geo data types
✅ Launched a completely redesigned version of the cryptography module — Crypto v2 with support for many modern encryption methods, key generation, and signature (NIST Best Practices)
✅ Significantly improved our infrastructure for hosted applications, adding new mechanisms for application provisioning (Launch Reports) and even more container isolation
✅ Moved custom domains to Cloudflare and added the ability to enable CDN and WAF for all applications
✅ Migrated the logging infrastructure to Loki
✅ Added performance metrics collection to every backend app with historical data in Prometheus
✅ Almost reached 120k registered users on the platform!

For 2024:

✅ Support for backend microservices — you can create an unlimited number of backend applications in a project
✅ New web application designer with full support for multithreading and adaptive layouts
✅ New mobile application designer: even more flexibility for design customization, support for plug-in SDKs and modules, offline mode, and much more
✅ Visual designer for SQL queries
✅ Project-wide real-time collaboration
✅ i18n support for the entire project — backend, web, and mobile applications
✅ New External API Requests Designer with support for REST API, gRPC, WebSocket, MQTT, NATS, queries to third-party DBs (PG, My/MARIA, MS, REDIS, Mongo) and automatic import from Swagger and Proto files

2024 will be a great year for our platform as AppMaster becomes a truly mature solution with rich functionality, outstanding performance, and state of the art security.




AppMaster is a no-code platform to create and publish web and mobile applications for any operating system.